What makes people Cravi8rs? Do you love to create things?  Does air travel excite you?  Are you adventurous?  If this describes you, you may be a Cravi8r.

Cravi8rs are Anything but Ordinary

Pronounced [kr-eh-vee-8-er] (notice the Canadian “eh”)

  • Part creator, part aviator, 100% adventurer
  • A person who lets their dreams take flight

Cravi8rs make things happen

working with GrandpaAt Craviations we upcycle helicopter parts into one of a kind furniture and décor ite
ms.  We feel that’s a pretty cool way to become a Cravi8r.  With such a cool title as being a Cravi8r, we can’t keep all the fun to ourselves.
With over 50 years combined experience in the aviation industry,
yes, I said 50+ and I feel old every time I mention that, we’ve seen a lot of the really cool aircraft structural parts.  The parts that you don’t want to see when you are a passenger on the aircraft.  When my hubby came to me and said he was going to build a bunkbed for our Granddaughter
using the airframe of a helicopter, I thought “your crazy”.  He had a vision, was confident it would work, we had room for it, and did I mention it’s for our Granddaughter, so the Cravi8ing began.

Cravi8rs know the value of play

Playing with GrandpaWith a few play breaks, supervised by the ever-present dogs, of course, I watched him slowly re-design a helicopter. I watched our Granddaughter go to “work” with Grandpa, she gets right in there to help too!  With very little hesitation, I even helped pick the color and upholster the interior, so who is the crazy one, lol.  It’s safe to say that Mike is the original Cravi8r, and I’m running a pretty close second.  At the end of the day, we now have a Granddaughter approved helicopter bed, and another Granddaughter.

You may be thinking that they have to work in the aviation industry, or upcycle aircraft parts into cool designs to become a Cravi8r, not so.  Just having an appreciation for industrial design, upcycling and re-purposing items, could make you a Cravi8r.  Owning a Craviations design will definitely make you Cravi8r.

Let your dreams take flight, become a Cravi8r.

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