Coffee Table gets a personal touch

At Craviations, we strive to ensure each design is unique, as a result when our customer asked us for a custom furniture design, and provided us with aircraft parts, we quickly got to work creating their custom aviation furniture design.

This customer wanted a coffee table to use in their office.  Using the fuel cell saddle from an AS350 provided by our customer, we created this design.

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Custom aviation furniture design

Custom Aviation Furniture

We took into account the furniture currently in the space and created a piece that picks up some of these design elements, yet makes its own statement.  We used Sapele wood, a wood similar to mahogany, often called African Mahogany, for this table.  Ironically, there seems to be an African wood theme going on with our designs, even though the customer choose the wood for this piece.  Someday, I will explain our special connection to Africa, but that is another story.

Once the design was finalized, we began the build process.  Here is a sneak peek at the engraving process.


Our customer recently acquired this business and is extremely proud, as he should be.  Since the coffee table has been custom designed to be used in his office , we added his company logo to the coffee table.

Create your Design

It doesn’t have to be a company logo that makes the design a custom aviation furniture design.  If you are an aviation enthusiast that doesn’t actually work in the industry, we can customize a design for you too.  Consider adding something like the date of your first flight, your first solo flight or any date with special meaning to you.

Maybe your an aviation enthusiast with your own company, we can add your logo to a design as well.