Previously flown Craft Beer Flight

With so many craft breweries available, how do you make serving them memorable?  Serve them in a beer flight made from helicopter blade.

Designed from a cross-section of a helicopter main rotor blade, your guests may be more impressed with the beer flight the the actual beer.  Whether you’re entertaining friends at home, or looking for that something extra for your restaurant or bar, these beer flights are sure to be a topic of conversation.

Custom Beer Flight

Craft a beer flight to suit your tastes. Go with polished aluminum or have it painted, design it to serve 3 or 4 beverages, add a logo.  We will work with you to create a beer flight that is anything but ordinary.

Its Origin

Made using a cross section of a Bell 205 helicopter main rotor blade, we removed the original finish and maintained the evidence of all the hard work these aircraft performed.  Each dent or scratch tells a story of the life and adventures of the aircraft. we believe this is part of the story and need to be told.

Starting with a part approx. 22 feet long, with a twist along the length and varying thickness from one end to the other.  Add in a trim tab and weights, and you’re pretty much guaranteed that each beer flight is a custom design.