Helicopter Bunkbed

Designed to grow with your needs, this bunkbed is anything but ordinary.

Made using the airframe from Bell helicopter s/n 1233, we’ve designed it to grow with your child’s needs.  Whether it’s a queen/twin bunkbed or a twin/desk configuration, it can transform with your child.

Size Matters

At almost 14 ft in length we realize you will need some space to set up this bunkbed, which is why we deigned it to fit thru a standard door.  Let their dreams take flight in a helicopter bunkbed.

Start out with a bunkbed, then progress to a bunkbed/desk configuration.  Add a gaming station in the cabin, and they may never leave home.

Customize your Flight

There are so many ways to make this your own, choose fabric or leather for the seating, add lighting, a monitor mount and your favourite gaming system.  Design the aft section to incorporate a desk area.  With so many options, picking a paint colour will be the easy part.