Main Rotor Candle Holder

Looking for a way to bring date night to the next level?  Add a candle flight to the table and watch things take-off.

Whether you choose candle or tea lights, dining room table or coffee table, add a bit of adventure to your evening with a polished aluminum main rotor blade candle holder.

Custom Candle Holder

Go with polished aluminum or have it painted, light 3 or 4 candles, add your favourite saying or a memorable date.  We will work with you to create a candle holder that is sure to bring date night to the next level.

Its Origin

Made using a cross section of a Bell 205 helicopter main rotor blade, we removed the original finish and maintained the evidence of all the hard work these aircraft performed.  Each dent or scratch tells a story of the life and adventure of the aircraft. we believe this is part of the story and needs to be told.

Starting with a part approx. 22 feet long, with a twist along the length and varying thickness from one end to the other.  Add a trim tab and weight as well, and each candle holder is sure to be a custom design.