Custom Design

Whether you use it as a tablet holder, a recipe holder or a book stand, a Craviations Tablet Holder will help your next project take-off.

When our niece got her pilots license it only seemed fitting that we make her a custom tablet stand.  Even though she flies airplanes and this is made with a helicopter blade, she loves her “wing” as she calls it.

Its Origin

Designed using a cross section of a Bell 206 helicopter main rotor blade, lined with leather to protect your device, each tablet holder is unique.  Each tablet holder displays evidence of its life on the aircraft.  These marks have been enhanced to add character.

Personalize your tablet holder, add a date or logo to make this a one of a kind gift for the hard to shop for person.  This makes a great corporate gift as well.


Each Main Rotor blade has a limited life on an aircraft.  After a specified number of hours, they can no longer fly, and would end up in a landfill.  We have crafted these into a unique, customizable, sustainable work of art.