Heli-pad Drink Coasters

Where distinguished drinks land, drink coasters made from the outside skin of a helicopter.

  • Limited Edition
  • Sustainable
  • Conversation Piece

Limited Edition

Each series of Heli-Pad drink coasters is designed using the outside skin of a helicopter.  They look exactly as they did on the aircraft, any scratches or dents are still there, you can still see the rivet holes.

Each aircraft has a unique paint scheme, depending on which helicopter the skin has been removed from it will be unique.  Even Heli-pad Coasters created from the same aircraft will be unique depending on which part of the aircraft they are removed from.


Rather than let the discarded parts of the aircraft end up in a landfill, we have up-cycled them into unique drink coasters.

Conversation Piece

People are sure to ask about Heli-Pad drink coasters.  Each set of 2 Heli-Pad Coasters comes with a brief description of the type of helicopter and the work it performed.