Heli-pad Bearing

Where distinguished drinks land, drink coaster or tray designed using a de-commissioned helicopter engine bearing.

  • Limited Edition
  • Sustainability
  • Conversation Piece

Limited Edition

This drink coaster, designed from an engine gear out of a Bell 212 helicopter, has been up-cycled into a statement piece for use in your office or home.  See it as a drink tray in your bar, or on your dining table to place your hot dishes.

We’ve added an wooden insert to the centre of the gear.  The red hues of the African Padauk wood, pair well with the Canadian Maple Leaf design.  The original stamped part number can still be seen on the design.

Each of our designs are created using de-commission aircraft parts.  The number of designs available in each series depends on the amount of parts available.  Currently, this design in a one of a kind.


Rather than let the de-commissioned gear end up in the landfill, we re-purposed it int functional art, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Conversation Piece

People are sure to ask about Heli-Pad Gear.  Each of our design comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the type of work the Bell 212 helicopter may be used for.  It also includes a description of the location the part can be found on the aircraft.