Old School Bench

This is not your ordinary outdoor furniture, this is Old School.

        • outdoor furniture
        • re-purposed antiques
        • stability designed

Outdoor Furniture

Built using Plantation Teak, it can handle the weather.

Whether you leave it outdoors or bring it inside, the choice is yours.

Re-Purposed Antiques

An antique school bench has been combined with a pair of horizontal stabilizers to create a unique design.

The craftsmanship of the cast iron desk frame transcends time.

Stability Designed

The blue, brown and gold hues on the stabilizers, enhance the connection of the elements.

The challenge with this design was combining an antique school desk with an aircraft parts.  They weren’t designed to work together, we had to do a bit of Craviating to make it work.

The desk frame has been powder coating, ensuring it will continue to withstand the test of time.

The stabilizers have been filled with a clear resin to showcase the honeycomb interior.  The blue, brown and gold hues give it an earthy feel.

We have more desk frames, contact us if you would like a design of your own.