Radome Lounger

From the moment we saw the Radome, we were drawn to its shape, the simplicity of design, paired with the amazing engineering of the part.  Having been removed from a British Aerospace 146, it was only fitting the the British flag be incorporated into the design.

A section of the belly and portions of the aft tailbone support structure from a Bell 206L helicopter combined with a swivel base were used to create the cradle base for the lounger.

The challenge of taking aircraft parts and turning them into Functional Art is what drives us.  The opportunity to apply our skills in sheet metal composite fabrication, upholstery and paint were challenged by the unique depth and cone shape.  While also combining helicopter parts, we faced many engineering challenges to find the right balance, position and comfort, while maintaining as much of the original parts as possible.

This piece is truly Anything but Ordinary.