Statement Lighting

Rotor Blade Ripple

This lighting design has been in the “top secret” sketch book since the beginnings of Craviations, waiting to be unveiled at IDS18 in Toronto.  Its time for it to light up your life.

    • high polished
    • Statement piece
    • customizable

High Polished

The aluminum of the Bell 206 helicopter Main Rotor blade has been brought to a high polished finish, accentuating multiple LED lights.

Statement Piece

Above your island, in you bar or restaurant, the ripple design showcases the exposed honeycomb core, making a statement from every angle.


Customize the length, finish, even the amount of lighting to suit your decor.

The Main Rotor blade is approx 22 ft long, allowing this design to be customized to a length to suit your application.

If high polish isn’t your thing, we can give this design a powder coat finish to accent any decor.  The sky is the limit.

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