At Craviations, we’re proudly Canadian, and dedicated to creating things that are anything but ordinary. We strive to bring imagination and passion to an industry that’s all too often lacking both. Of course, customization is the rule.
What do we do? We upcycle helicopter parts into furniture. Sounds pretty unique, doesn’t it? It is. You won’t find our pieces anywhere but here. In fact, you won’t find anything remotely like our creations on the wider market. We’re pretty proud of that achievement.

So, what sort of furniture do we make? Why are our pieces so unique? Well, besides being a reflection of our passions and strengths, our experiences and our imaginative approach to life, there are quite a few things.

Our Products

Each of our furniture pieces is custom designed for a specific individual, built to reflect their own passions and uniqueness. Whether we’re upcycling a helicopter fuselage into a kids’ bed and entertainment center or transforming a vertical tail fin into a coffee table, our client is always first in our minds.

Of course, the different elements that go into each piece of furniture also set us apart. We believe firmly in upcycling and repurposing. In addition to using helicopter parts in our furniture, we regularly scour auctions, yard sales, antique sales and more to source unique items that can be used to create something brand new. You could call our designs bold, or adventurous, perhaps even industrial or sophisticated in many instances.

We have designed and built furniture for discerning clients in a broad range of categories, as well, from children’s furniture to chairs and sofas, tables, office furniture, man-cave furniture and dining room furniture.

Some of our past creations include:

    • A helicopter main rotor transformed into an elegant, sophisticated, yet quirky candle holder
    • A vertical fin transformed into a rustic yet modern coat rack
    • Main rotors transformed into tablet holders (iPad or Android)
    • The “steam” powered, Wonderful Flying Time Machine that will be featured at the National Science and Innovation Gala on May 17th 2017
    • A horizontal stabilizer polished and shaped into a unique bench for a man cave
    • Landing gear repurposed to support a custom desk

Those are just a few small examples of how truly unique our creations are. All of the aircraft parts we use are sourced from helicopters in actual operation throughout Canada, including the Bell 204, the Bell 205, and the Bell 206. Because they’re sourced from operating aircraft, each peace shows signs of its previous life – slight imperfections that add character and charm.

About Us

Craviations is the brainchild of two unique individuals – Carolynn and Mike (and their dogs, of course). Both Carolynn and Mike create, design and build their products as they both share a passion and history related to aviation. Although they have spent a lifetime in the aviation industry, their true passion is “Imagineering” – creating something new from something old.

We invite you to get to know more about us, and our unique furniture creations