Our approach.

A combination of passions, vivid imagination and a desire to create something unique. Craviations is an extension of our strengths as a team.

With over 50 years combined experience in aircraft structural repair, a passion for antiques and an eye for detail, we upcycle helicopter parts into furniture.

Our Mission.

To create a piece that makes a statement, reflects your passion and is as individual as you.

We areCravi8rs.

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Meet the Team

We are Cravi8rs


Sophie came to us as a rescue, she was nervous, a little scared and on her third home in less than a year.  The day we went to see her, she decided she was coming home with Mike.  That was 6 years ago, and she has been with us ever since.

Don’t be fooled by her size, she is a tough little girl.

She likes the frilly things too, she likes her jewellery and a cozy blankets, and she loves horses, what little girl doesn’t want a horse.

Sophie is our “Pretty Little Girl”, she “puts her jewellery on” and comes to work with us every day.  She is loyal and devoted, if she decides she likes you, you will have a friend for life.


Carolynn found herself in aviation, literally, because of a sign on a door.  The sign said “employees only”, she went through the door, and has been in the aviation industry ever since.

She grew up with the philosophy of “work with what you have” and “think outside of the box”.   She loves a good thrift store, yard sale, an old furniture barn is one of her favourite places.  Then along came Mike, he introduced her to auctions and the fun really began.  Over the years the designs have become more sophisticated and her love of antiques and furniture design has grown.

Carolynn considers herself the wearer of many hats, administrator, marketer, designer and Cravi8r.


Hugo is our third Sharpei, and he is completely different than the other two.  He is a sweet gentle dog, he will love you to pieces and give you every toy he owns, but don’t try to pet him!

He is a kisser and a chewer.  He will kiss you as long as you are willing to stand still and let him, and he will chew… everything.  He has chewed a door, the floor (yes, I said floor) and a chair.  He is 3 now, and hopefully he has made it through the chewing stage, lol.

Hugo is our “Little Man Chew” he loves to “put his pants on” and go to work with the Boys.  He reminds you to be young and playful, not a day goes by that he doesn’t make you smile.


Mike has been working in the aviation industry his whole life, he knows Bell Helicopter structural parts inside and out.

He takes “thinking outside of the box” and “work with what you have” philosophy to another level.  Recycle, upcycle, repurpose call it what you will, if it can have another purpose, or two, Mike will find it.  He is a huge proponent of up cycling, “Imagineering” is his true passion.

Combine that passion with a wild imagination and a wife that is more than willing to take on a project with him, and you have the beginnings of Craviations.

a little more about us

We’ve spent our aviation careers looking at the structural parts that make up an aircraft, the insides that most people don’t get to see.   We know their strengths and design; we know how cool they look.  Our furniture designs are bold, industrious designs, that reflect an adventurous nature.  We enhance the design of the original piece, and re-purpose it to become a lasting part of your lifestyle.

and our designs

Each piece we design is made using a genuine aircraft part, which has previously been on an operating aircraft. Each of these parts will have a slight imperfection, which has forced them into retirement from aviation. We enhance these imperfections to give each design its own unique character. Just like the aircraft these parts have previously be on, no two designs will be the same, each design will have its own unique character. Each piece is its own unique Craviation.