Customer Reviews

Jim Carty – National President, Canadian National Assoc. of Real Estate Appraisers

I’ve been in thousands of homes and seen some very unique and creative things, Craviations are Absolutely Brilliant and bring things to the next level of Creatively-Genius and Beauty furnishings.

We acquired a Bar Table for our home bar and out has been an amazing conversation piece as well as functional, only the first on many.

Ken Przontka – President, AOG Heliservices

I love my Landing Gear Desk, Craviations did a great job, I show it to everyone.

Nicole Crawford – Pilot & Engineer Technologist

I use my tablet stand all the time, its my new home for my iPad.

Lorena Dunkly – Business Owner, CA USA

Absolutely perfect! My husband will love this.  Craviations was very easy to deal with, our chair was very well packaged and arrived in time.  Excellent experience.

Jennifer Sondergaard

Loving it!! Mike did a great job with keeping the light “low maintenance” as a flashlight type fixture.  Glad about that! Yes, my original plan was to put it in my office, but that didn’t look as good last night as Plan B by the fireplace.

Eric LaRose – Silver Automotive Ltd.

Eric isn’t a man of many words, but the fact that he has 3 of our designs in his home speaks volumes.

Thank you Eric.